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Charter of values

SITTAM is a leader on the market of international Groupage transportation via ground, ocean and air, the basic preconditions to carry out this mission are contained in its Charter of Values

We want all our staff to be positive and happy at the idea of starting a new working day, and to convey this positive energy to the company: a simple smile can add value to human relationships.
We all work hard, keeping in mind that everything we do aims at the customer’s satisfaction, using the necessary amount of resources. This means being reliable, doing the right thing in the right way.
We all contribute, according to our job description, to the achievement of the necessary economic goals to make our company more competitive. A solid administrative management that generates adequate profits grants the company a future of growth and development.

A genuine and flexible teamwork enables us to reach common goals. We bring our ideas to the table and work together to create synergies. We are aware that each of us gives a significant contribution to the final result.
We must encourage in each of us the right spirit of initiative, so to be able to develop ideas capable of anticipating market trends.


Sittam has always considered the Code of Ethics as a key tool to define the guidelines of corporate and employee growth. The company has greatly evolved and we are in the process of drafting a new Code of Ethics.

The company has greatly evolved and we are in the process of drafting a new Code of Ethics. Those ethics must include both collective and individual behaviors and the application of these principles must comply both with the law and moral values.

The code must take into account that ethics must include both collective and individual behavior and that the application of these principles must comply both with the law and moral values. It goes without saying that the achievement of these targets requires a specific training, a good working atmosphere, professionalism and company responsibility.

Charity Projects

SITTAM has generously been supporting various non-profit organizations for years, working in the field of remote support and building infrastructures in developing countries.

The associations Sittam supports deal with social work, education, health and welfare. Since 1969 PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) has been promoting remote support as a tool to help children, youngsters and disabled people in the countries where they operate with missionaries, working together with other missionary agencies and humanitarian organizations to which they are linked by knowledge and esteem. PIME operates in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania. The Help Center for Ethiopia Onlus promotes initiatives that target the development, education, social and welfare assistance to children, sick people and women in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.

Over the years schools, shelters, hospitals, wells, clinics and canteens have been built and activities have been undertaken to promote education and children welfare. The Foreign Missions Capuccini Onlus has missionaries in Brazil, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Thailand. It operates through projects supporting remote intervention to rescue those in need by improving living conditions in the field of hospitality, water, prisons, family, education, food and welfare.