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Always on the move. Since 1960.

This journey started in 1960, many goals have been met, many fresh starts have been made, this is all about passion and growth.

  • 1960

    SITTAM: international by birth.

    SITTAM was constituted at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano back in March 1960. Mr Albano Zanella and Mr Siegfried Kompatscher were two of the founders and have been the Company’s driving force for years. The company’s early days focused on rail transportation of import/export goods from/to Austria and Germany as well as on Customs Clearance activities at the Customs of Brennero, Vipiteno and Bolzano.

  • 1964

    Milan Branch

    In 1964 the Milan branch was opened and a few years later it became a leader for Groupage transport on German-speaking markets. We were among the first to "find out" about road transportation and to start a regular truck service via the main European routes. In the early 70s, together with Italestero and other small companies operating in the field, business expanded to all of Europe, thanks to the establishment of a network of exclusive correspondents covering every country. At that point the Bolzano Head Office moved to Milan and all operational activities moved to the terminal of Via Stephenson.

  • 1978

    Groupage. A closer Europe.

    One of the very first regular rail Groupage services started in 1978 with the purchase of 20 12.20 cargo containers: this service was then progressively increased both in terms of fleet and traffic volumes. This transport system, even though it had flaws, represented the future of transport in Europe.

  • Anni 80'

    Take-over and branch openings in Italy.

    The company was reinforced on the Italian territory in the 80s with the opening of branches, Sales Offices and the take-over of C&C in Bologna and Avioservizi in Florence. This led to a steady growth both in terms of volume and revenue.

  • 1985

    The warehouse was destroyed

    In 1985 the extraordinary snowfall caused the crushing of the roof of the warehouse. The company's business stopped, but Sittam did not give up and restarted again with greater determination to pursue its goals of growth and service improvement

  • Anni 90'

    The growth of Air & Ocean services

    The Air/Ocean division was opened in the mid-80s. Thanks to a team of professionals, it had a fast development at the beginning of the 90s. The Air & Ocean division is constantly growing and nowadays it plays a crucial role in the company's policies.

  • 1995

    Quality is ensured and certified.

    By meeting clients’ needs and keeping excellent quality standards, SITTAM obtained the Quality Certification ISO EN 9002 on October 30th 1995. In the first quarter of 2003 the certification was made compliant to the new regulation: ISO EN 9001:2000.

  • 2000

    An efficient terminal in Cornaredo.

    Because of the steady growing business volumes at the beginning of 1999, the company started planning and building a new European terminal, unique in terms of Groupage skills and technologies. All activities were transferred to the new terminal in Cornaredo in August 2000.

  • 2001

    In 2001 we made over 400,000 shipments and our turnover reached over 100 million.

    In 2001 SITTAM made over 400,000 shipments and its turnover reached over 100 million. For the first time in 2001, shipments for Sittam and its subsidiaries exceeded 400,000 (four hundred thousand). The turnover exceeded 100 millions euro. The trend was confirmed: Sittam was growing and had no intention to stop.

  • 2001

    2001 Turin branch

    Sittam expanded its territory coverage by opening a branch in Turin, an important outpost for Northern Italy. Sittam was committed in the economic heart of Italy with a branch in the Piedmont region, reinforcing its policy of territorial expansion.

  • 2003

    2003 electronic interface with Customs Offices

    Sittam invested in technology and in 2003 set up the electronic interface with customs offices. The range of services expanded and the experience and know-how turned into counselling.

  • 2007

    2007 Sittam in Bulgaria

    A daily Import/Export route was developed with Bulgaria. Sittam built a team of professionals trained by the head office, able to promote the methods of service quality.

  • 2010

    2010 The Maghreb as an opportunity

    Sittam entered all the markets which appeared as full of opportunities. In 2010 it shifted its focus on the North African market, where European companies started to move their productions.

  • 2012

    2012 Subsidiaries become Sittam branches

    The subsidiaries C&C in Bologna and Avioservizi Jet Service in Florence begin to operate under the SITTAM brand name so that the brand is more homogenous. The new branches guarantee a widespread coverage of the territory. Sittam is now a brand recognized as a leader as far as groupage is concerned.

  • 2013

    2013 Sittam is expending in Puglia

    In 2013 the Puglia region was second only to Lombardy for its GDP growth. Sittam invests where economic growth is stronger and reaches the south of Italy with a sales office in Bari (Trani).

  • 2015

    2015 Iran as an opportunity

    The Iranian market is not easy: consequently, it needs to be dealt paying particular attention to regulations. Each person involved in the shipments in this area is carefully screened.

  • 2015

    2015 Overseas boost with new sales offices

    In 2015, Sittam consolidated its groupage leadership with two new sales offices in Perugia and Genoa. They were opened with a very specific mission: developing the market overseas. Thanks to this improvement, the organization expanded its team of experienced professionals.

Historical photos from sittam archive